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Win big in Dragon Tiger game

Based only on luck, Dragon Tiger game Online is a card game that is designed for any level of player. There are no complex strategies to be followed; you just need to understand the basic rules and definitions about probability before playing. The standard deck used for playing this game is simple enough to learn, and each round takes around 25 seconds. What makes Dragon Tiger game unique is the element of gut feeling involved during the play since it challenges players to rely on their intuition rather than solely relying on statistics. Better experience and mastering of the game will give you an upper hand over others because you can understand probabilities more, but that still won't guarantee success as predicting a winning side is no easy task.

In Dragon Tiger game, two cards will be revealed after each round. The higher card will determine the winning side: Dragon or Tiger. Dragon wins over a smaller rank but loses against a higher one; meanwhile, Tiger would do the opposite. The game also offers additional side bets such as Suited Tie, Big/Small, and Any Pair. You can increase your chances of winning by playing any of these options–just make sure to check the payouts beforehand as they vary according to rules set by different casinos. Dragon Tiger game is also a great game to bet on if you're looking for a quick win as each round takes very little time and there is no need to pay attention to your opponents or the dealer's strategy. Dragon Tiger game is fast-paced, exciting, and offers lots of chances to win big! Try your luck today and see if Lady Luck will be in your favor!

Dragon Tiger is an increasingly popular game in the world of live casinos, thanks to its attractive mix of simplicity and speed. Offering a minimalistic yet exciting wagering experience, this card game was originally created in Cambodia but has quickly spread all over the world. The goal of the game is simple: simply guess which of two opponents will have the highest-ranking card. Despite its easy-to-understand rules, users can enjoy a thrilling gambling experience with near-instantaneous results. Whether playing online or at a land-based casino, players can be sure that Dragon Tiger won't disappoint!

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HOW TO PLAY Crpati DragonTiger


What is Dragon Tiger game?

Playing Dragon Tiger requires you to quickly determine if the highest card between two hands will be yours or the dealer's. The game is an incredibly fast paced and simple game which requires little rules or strategy. Players do not compete against each other, but instead are purely playing against the lucky chances of obtaining a higher-valued card than that of the dealer's. Gambling in Dragon Tiger has its own rewards - if your outcome is a tie, some casinos offer a 'suited tie' option payable at higher rates. This exciting card game not only brings out expected luck but also eases tension for players amidst intense betting action! Dragon Tiger game is a great game for any level of player and can be experienced with just the click of a button.


Dragon Tiger is a fascinating card game that is incredibly simple to grasp. Despite its straightforward nature, it still has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment value. All you need to do is bet on one of the two betting positions with each round: Dragon or Tiger. After betting, two cards are dealt at the same time - one card to the Dragon, and one to the Tiger. The position that gets handed the higher card wins! The lack of complex rules makes Dragon Tiger popular among seasoned players as well as newcomers looking for an immersive yet easy-to-learn experience.


In the case of a tie when playing Dragon or Tiger, it can be quite the unlucky situation. When both the Dragon position and Tiger position are dealt a card of the same value, players will have to forfeit 50% of whatever it is they had wagered that round. Not only this, but having a tie can be frustrating because there has been no winner for either side. Since neither side has officially won, there is no way to recuperate whatever was lost on the bet. To make matters worse, an absolutely equal split in cards more often than not changes the entire course of a game; rendering results unpredictable and leaving both players in suspense until the end.


All you need is a standard deck of 52 cards and you're ready to go. First, the player tells his bet, which can be either on the Dragon or the Tiger. The dealer then proceeds to draw one card, face-up, for each side. The card with the highest value wins and the game is over. Depending on how it's played, there may be small differences when it comes to card values; with Aces having a value of 1 while Jacks, Queens and Kings can have 10, 11 or 12/13 respectively. Ultimately though all that matters is who ends up with a higher card at the end of it - if it's the Dragon then the bets on that side win, otherwise if it followed by a higher Tiger card then their bets win instead. Dragon Tiger is a great game for players of all levels, and you can experience the exciting Dragon Tiger with just one click. All you need to do is choose your bet and let luck take its course! Dragon Tiger offers a unique gambling experience that will bring out intense betting action as well as expected luck - so why not give it a try today?


How can I bet?

Playing the card game of Dragon and Tiger might be a great way to make a fortune. The outcome for each bet has clear expectations; if the cards are in favour of the Dragon, then they payout is 1:1 (same with Tiger) and if a push is made (tie), then the payout is 11:1. If you succeed in making a “suited tie”, where it is ties with the same colour, then the payout can reach 50:1 – these impressive payouts come with higher risk obviously. This makes playing this simple yet attractive game even more appealing; since it is one of the simplest games in online casinos, many players take their chance at making a profit!

Everyone love to add some extra excitement to their game round and playing dragon tiger bet at the casinos is the perfect way to do that. Not only is dragon tiger bet one of the most popular side bets, but it also produces an engrossing game play experience. Gambling enthusiasts have a plethora of side bets they can place while playing card games, betting on horses or even in the lottery - dragon tiger bet is just one from a long list of fascinating and lucrative options available for those who choose to place a side bet for each game round.

Dragon Tiger is one of the most interesting games to play at the casino. It involves a dealer, dragon bets and tiger bets. Dragon Tiger have their own rules that make them unique from other wagers at the casino. When placing dragon or tiger bets, players must choose between Big or Small, Odd or Even. For example, if a dragon Big bet is placed and an eight or higher is dealt to the corresponding main position, then the bet will win; however, if a card with a value of seven or lower is dealt then the bet loses. Similarly for dragon Small bets, if a six or lower is dealt to the corresponding main position it's a win for dragon Small but if it's seven or higher then it loses. Different cards are needed to win Dragon Odd and Tiger Odd betting positions from Dragon Even and Tiger Even betting positions provided 7 is not included in any of these wagers as this card would make all big/small odd/even bets lose.

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Betting Odds Odds
DRAGON 1 48.6
TIGER 1 51.4
TIE 11 9.27
SUTTED TIE 50 4.54

Where can play Dragon Tiger game?

Crpati is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to enjoy one of the classic yet exciting variants of card games - Dragon Tiger game! With Crpati, you can experience all the thrills and rewards of playing Dragon Tiger game from your own home. Crpati stands out thanks to its extensive selection of games as well as its high winning rates when playing Dragon Tiger game. That means whether you’re looking for an enjoyable way to pass the time or some extra winnings, Crpati has got you covered. Of course, that's not even mentioning Crpati's generous rewards on top of your winnings that can be redeemed with ease. So if you're looking for a card game filled with entertainment and lots of rewards then Crpati's Dragon Tiger game is the best place to start!

If you are looking for a fun and exciting card game, dragon tiger is the perfect choice. This game can easily be played at home or it can be downloaded to your computer for a dragon tiger download. It can also be enjoyed at online casinos all around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an expert dragon tiger player, there is something for everyone in this exciting casino game. So why not grab your friends and give dragon tiger a go?

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Be a big winner!

dragon-tiger dragon-tiger

Poker can be a very tricky game, but Dragon Tiger game is not a game of strategy - it's a game of luck. I've tried playing the game at many other online casinos, and most of the time I leave feeling disappointed. However, when I came to Crpati everything changed! Despite only betting 100, I quickly graduated to higher winnings, eventually getting 10000 - enough to even cover my initial stake! It was an amazing experience that I won't soon forget; with Crpati all my past bad luck was replaced by winnings and excitement. Dragon Tiger game is a great game for amateurs and experts alike, and playing on Crpati's Dragon Tiger game tables was an extremely enjoyable experience. I will definitely be coming back to play again soon!

When I first learned about online casinos, I was admittedly skeptical. After all, it's much easier for people to promise big winnings than for those promises to actually come true. But after trying dragon tiger on Crpati, my doubts vanished. Every time I play dragon tiger, I win! It's no longer pure luck that determines whether or not I can make money, but skill and strategy. Now instead of feeling disappointed every game, I find myself genuinely excited about the possibilities of winning each time I log in to play dragon tiger with Crpati. With Crpati's dragon tiger game, I've finally discovered how fun and profitable gambling can be!

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